2018 has been a good year for "The Ironman" and also for his important charity, "Ministries To Children", (MTC).
Already with three tournament wins and also significient monies raised for hurting children, the Ironman of Golf continues to amaze with his drive and achivements.
On the Sunbelt Senior Professional Gof Tour (second only to the Champions Tour in significence) Bob Kurtz shot below his age every round of the Alabama Tournament, The Yellowhammer Open, when he scored rounds of 71-71-73. This may never have been done before in the histor of professional golf competition!



The Ironman of Golf plays everywhere, seeking to use golf to raise monies for hurting children and to bring his

“Ironman” message of “Integrity, Responsibility, Optimism, and Noble purpose” to young boys and young men.

This photo was taken in beautiful Cooperstown, NY at the Hall of Fame Senior Open played on the Leatherstocking

GC next to lovely Lake Osego.     Photo by Milo Stewart, Jr.


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God The Father Always Smiles While Watching Happy Children At Play.

What If?

What if there were No abused children.

What if there were No single moms - only two loving parents for every child.

What if there we No more bullies.

What if every child was wanted, loved and valued.

What if every man assumed loving responsibility for every child he fathered.

Ministry To Children is dedicated to these dreams and goals. MTC raises monies for singsle momsand hurting children while challenging young men and boys to setp up to their Godly responsibility of caring Fatherhood. MTC works tirelessly to spread the message of the need for everyone to join in the battle against child abuse and neglect.

Please send your donations to MTC, PO Box 100, Cullman, Al. 35056


                          GOLF’S IRONMAN TO VISIT UPSTATE NEW YORK


        Why does “Golf’s Ironman,” Bob Kurtz, continue to set golf endurance records?  “Wherever

and whenever I can do my part to help ease the plight of hurting children, it’s worth the blood,

sweat, and blisters,” affirmed the Ironman.

         One of the significant efforts to help abused children is an upcoming golf marathon event

in Syracuse, New York to benefit the McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Center.  Perry Noun, the

event coordinator, plans to have 100 golfers play 100 holes as a fundraising effort on May 23.

         Two weeks before the marathon, Kurtz the Ironman, will play his own 100 hole exhibition at

Timber Banks Golf Club in Syracuse to bring attention to both the challenge of addressing the problem of

child abuse and neglect and also publicize the “100 Golfers for Kids” fundraiser.

          “Golf’s Ironman” will celebrate his 76th birthday in May but shows no signs of slowing down…

but then, he IS the Ironman.






Honoring Founder and Executive Director Bob Kurtz' 75th Year

Our Festive weekend will be May 21-23 with professional and other golf events at Terri Pines Country Club in Cullman, Alabama

A reception for Bob Kurtz will be held at St. John's Church in Cullman on Sunday, May 22

All the MTC celebration events and activities of 2016 are intended to draw attention to the enormity of the plight of America's neglected children and also to raise funds to bless and help everywhere we possibly can.


Ministries To Children is pleased to dedicate this 2016 year to Golf's Ironman and World Record Holder Bob Kurtz and to lift up his commitment to hurting children.

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